The staff churn in large service management vendors

Oct 29 2009

LinkedIn is fantastic.  A professional networking website for people to connect, share ideas, post discussions that link to external blogs ;-) and generally showcase how much they know about stuff.

However, dig a little deeper into the people behind LI and you can reveal a lot about a person....and the companies they used to work for. 

It's revealing....

People register and post their CV and working history.  A good thing?

Here's the thing...

Why is it that so many people that have worked in the enterprise service management space have been employed by just about every company offereing "solutions" in this space!?

  • Is it because the big companies have a naturally large staff churn? 
  • Is it because people who work with service management solutions have employment and commitment issues?
  • Is it because competing vendors make better offers?
  • ...or something else?

Every year, PRD Software attend helpdesk and service desk tradeshows such as the HDI event, the itSMF event and others.  Every year we see the same faces working at a different vendor booth.

I wonder what the users of the software think when they see the vendor person on a different booth the following year.....



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