Database upgrades and HelpMaster Pro goes to YouTube!

Feb 04 2009

One of the fundamental tasks involved in upgrading HelpMaster Pro to a later version is patching your database.  A database patch is required in order to change your database schema to cater for the new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

To make this easy, HelpMaster Pro ships with the "Database and Reports" wizard.  You can read all about it in the HelpMaster Pro helpfile, or you can watch the new video on YouTube!

Over the next few months, we'll be making a whole bunch of new videos about HelpMaster Pro that will be useful for sales, training and tech support.  If you have any suggestions for a video, please let us know.

Speaking about database upgrades, if you are responsible for maintaining your company's SQL Server database, then you'll need a good set of SQL Server tools that will help you do your job better.  One such tool is xSQL Object from  xSQL Object is a great tool for comparing one database schema to another.  This is particularly useful when you have make changes in one database, and wish to replicate those changes to another database.  It's also very useful when you have a database that is not performing well.  You can compare a poorly performing database against one that is working well and get a comparison of what's different.  Often times this will reveal some sort of index change.  The good part is that xSQL will produce a script of the differences so that they can be synchronized.



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